Peter Raimondi

  • Peter N. Raimondi Executive Board Committee Chair Board of Directors Owner
  • Born in New York City, NY
  • Parents from Italy (Father from Abruzzo, Mother from Bari). Parents lived in Manhattan, met at a Frank Sinatra Concert at the “Old Paramount Theater,” they married and made NYC their home. Father, a Mason, Mom, a School Teacher
  • High School, Saint Francis Prep, Brooklyn, NY
  • BS-Fordham University, Bronx NY; MA-University of Redlands, San Bernardino, CA
  • Officer (0-3, Captain) US Marine Corps
  • Upon college graduation, went directly into USMC as a commissioned officer, then upon discharge, worked for Loral Electronics – designing anti-jamming electronic warfare programs for Belgium marines
  • After which, went to Western Union International/MCI International – designing Satellite Tracking stations for space shuttle program
  • Subsequently, moved to SIAC/NYSE – managing all electronic and technology operations on the NYSE and AMEX floors for trading
  • Then, CITICORP INTERNATIONAL – designing and managing data centers for bank’s international overseas networks
  • Recently, a Senior VP at Goldman, Sachs & Co., including extended overseas assignments in South America and Far East
  • Most recently, Principal/Owner of a technology consulting and cable installation company in NYC (Crafted Resources, Inc.)
  • Principal/Owner Fine Dining Restaurant in NYC (ALEO RESTAURANT)
  • Assistant Coach Division II Collegiate baseball team (Pace University)
  • Founding member, Knights of York; member, Knights of Columbus, Marine Corps Association, Marine Corps League
  • Wife, Kathryn; two sons, Leonardo and Pietro