Keith Mikulewich

Keith Mikulewich Member Owner Knights of York Born in Brooklyn New York March, 4, 1976

  • An only child, I was raised by my Mom and Dad in Staten Island, NY. I have many friends and I am close with my family
  • From my early to mid –twenties, I worked at the commodities exchange in NYC, as a head clerk, trading copper for a friend’s family-owned business. Around the age of 24, I left that position to start my own AV company and later incorporated the organization side of my business
  • I own and operate Platinum Group Design & Installations INC. We are a custom design, sales and service installation company for custom AV/control systems, custom closet systems, and custom garage organization systems. I have been in my own business since 2001
  • Member of the Knights of York. I also help others when the opportunity presents itself.
  • I joined the Knights after speaking with my friend, Frank Astuto, over lunch. I explained, “I want to get involved with an organization that helps others.” He told me what the Knight do, and who they help. I attended the next meeting, and the rest is history!
  • I am married to my wife, Michele, since 2003