The Children's Hospital at Montefiore

The Children’s Hospital at Montefiore has been the recipient of the Knights of York’s generosity for many years. The Knights believe that nothing compares with being able to bring joy to a child. They have sponsored special programs for children with cancer, funded construction projects, and built a Teenage Lounge in the hospital, which allows hospitalized teenagers to leave their rooms and socialize with other teenage friends and peers in an age appropriate gaming room with Internet-wired access.

The Children’s Hospital at Montefiore opened in November 2001, and was built in response to an urgent need to provide health care for more than 400,000 of some of the poorest and most medically underserved children in the nation. The creation of an integrated child health system with a hospital at its center is an exception in the New York metropolitan area, and has few counterparts elsewhere in the country.  The Children’s Hospital at Montefiore serves as the hub of a network of more than 25 community-based clinics, over 50 pediatrician offices and 15 special pediatric sites.  In addition, Montefiore’s 12 school-based clinics serve 15,000 students each year.  The Children’s Hospital functions as part of a dynamic, multi-level system of care.

The Children’s Hospital at Montefiore is nothing short of a hospital for the 21st century.  It is a tremendous local resource and an epicenter for cutting-edge research, training and clinical pediatric health care.  The Children’s Hospital provides a nurturing environment with family-centered care at the center of its mission, and delivers unprecedented medical care to the children and families of

Jacobi Medical Center

Jacobi Medical Center has been the recipient of the Knights of York’s generosity for many years, with holiday gift giving  to children at Jacobi Hospital Pediatric Center

Jacobi offers the best of care – in the best of places. You can count on us for state of the art medical care, delivered with compassion, dignity, and respect. Many of our physicians are recognized leaders in important clinical research, thereby assuring our patients of the latest advancements in treatment options. From preventive medicine such as annual examinations and screenings, to comprehensive pediatric care, nutrition, and vaccinations, to cutting-edge specialty services, Jacobi provides you and your family with first class care in a wide range of services and specialties.